Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
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Ahmadinejad slams US-Israel Mideast 'plot'

Iranian president warns Washington, Jerusalem's efforts to have Arab nations recognize Israel will destabilize region

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad condemned the United States and Israel for "hatching plots to exercise a compromise plan in the Middle East," the Fares news agency reported Saturday.


The Iranian president further cautioned that Washington was "seeking to persuade other countries to recognize the Zionist regime," and that such recognition is likely to destabilize the entire region.



Tehran, he said, will fight such nefarious attempts: "If we succeed in vanquishing the enemy in its plan, colonialism will fail forever...this is a historical battle," Ahmadinejad said..


He also reiterated his statement from earlier this week, suggesting that "the Zionist regime has become shaky and should go."


Meanwhile, Mohsen Rezayee, secretary of Iran's Expediency Council, said that the West "lacks effective tools to impose effective sanctions and embargoes against Tehran."


"Actually, Iran is a big bite for the West which will stick to its throat and make it choke to death," Rezayee was quoted by Fares, adding, "I believe that sanctioning Iran is not possible for the westerners at all."


Rezayee said that his point was proven by the fact that 350 foreign companies participated in a recent trade conference in Iran and were "enthused about endorsing different economic and industrial deals with Tehran."


Iran is under four rounds of UN Security Council sanctions for refusing to end its uranium enrichment program.


The West believes Iran's nuclear efforts are focused on military achievements and the desire to possess a nuclear weapon. Iran insists its atom program is of a civilian nature.



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