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Likud MK: Protestors are leftists

Ayoob Kara denounces protests as leftist ploy, other Likudniks caution against spreading social unrest

On the night when 10,000 public and private sector employees protested in front of the Histadrut building in Tel Aviv, hundreds marched in the stroller protests while others marched to the house of Education Minister Gideon Sa'ar, some prominent Likud members chose to attack the protestors' motivations.


Deputy Minister for Development of the Negev and Galilee Ayoob Kara denounced the protestors, calling them "leftists" and "kibbutzniks wearing their youth movement shirts."


Yet some of the speakers at a meeting organized Thursday by Knesset Member Miri Regev a few Likudniks did realize that the situation on the ground was more serious.



Beit Shean Mayor Jackie Levi warned: "Last week there were 150,000 – that's without the development towns and haredim who could still join. If they do we'll be dealing with a million people. Wake up." Levi said he wasn't criticizing the prime minister or finance minister but warned that he didn't want to see a reality where there was a "healthy economy with the Likud in the opposition."

MKs Regev and Kara (Photo: Moti Kimchi)


"I suggest we don't say the protest belongs to the leftists. If we don't listen we will find ourselves in the opposition," he said.


Levi urged his colleagues to ignore those who called for a removal of the restraints on settlement construction.


"Our friends have forgotten: The government isn't assured to anyone…The ground is burning. The cottage cheese was just a symptom. When we're in power it's all fun and games. We shouldn't be blinded and lose touch with the people on the street."


The speakers were interrupted many times throughout the assembly when Likud activists called out: "I live in Beit Shemesh, am I a leftist? Don't my children deserve justice?" Another activist added: "Where is the Likud of the past? You're all sycophants."


MK Regev told activists: "These days are for self-scrutiny and a test of the Likud's formidability. This is an emergency meeting of the social camp. We are all here today to say we have the power to make changes... The Likud has a historical opportunity to fix the wrongs and I'm happy for it."


"The social issues are in the hearts of everyone in this country," Regev said. "When Netanyahu was finance minister the public had its say and sent us to the opposition. Not because of security or Jerusalem but because of loss of human compassion. A party needs to remember who sends it to the Knesset, if we forget – we will find ourselves out of office."



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