'Netanyahu weakens Israel.' Livni
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Livni to US: Keep pressuring Netanyahu

'When Obama pushed Bibi, Bibi made some steps forward,' Opposition chairwoman tells US-based Atlantic Magazine

WASHINGTON- Opposition Chairwoman Tzipi Livni told the US-based Atlantic Magazine that the American Administration must keep pressuring Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to endorse the two-state solution.


"When Obama pushed Bibi, Bibi made some steps forward," she said, adding "The American pressure led those who don't believe that time is of the essence to a better understanding that there is no status quo option.



"For Israelis, when they wake up in the morning and ask themselves, what is the general situation today, the litmus test for them is the health of the relationship between Israel and the United States," the Kadima chairman noted.


Livni slammed Netanyahu, saying he "deliberately or not, puts American Jews in a very complicated situation.


'Actually on the same side.' Netanyahu and Obama (Photo: Reuters)


"I heard this from some of those I have met with in the past few days – for them to see this clash between an Israeli prime minister and an American president, this puts them in a situation in which they need to choose a side, and they don't want to be in this situation," she told Atlantic Magazine.


Commenting on the relations between Netanyahu and Obama, Livni said "It's a nightmare, because we are actually on the same side. It's not Israel vs. the US and vice-versa. We cannot afford this. This is something new. It forced American Jews to take sides."


'Hasbara is explaining, not policymaking'

The Opposition leader also criticized the prime minister's policymaking, saying "Netanyahu believes in hasbara. Hasbara is explaining, it is not policymaking. Hasbara is not everything. Hasbara is just making great speeches. And it's not enough.


"There is an intimacy and trust that is needed between leaders, between their assistants and advisers. Usually you have the real substance behind closed doors, and the press conferences, you have niceties, nice photo ops. But here everything is reversed."


Asked about Palestinians intentions, Livni noted, "They know we are strong enough. And our relations with the United States are part of this," but warned: "I think Israel is being weakened now by the way Netanyahu speaks. The stronger he speaks, the weaker Israel is.


"When Kadima left the government, the world was delegitimizing Hamas, Gaza was under siege, we were negotiating with the Palestinians, we were working with pragmatic Palestinians, our ability to act against terror came from our legitimacy. Now look what's happened. In the flotilla incident, after two minutes the world was against us," she said.



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