Beck. Slams housing protest
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Saturday's protest in Beersheba. Leftist funding?
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Beck slams 'tent protest', champions settlements

(Video) US radio personality declares Israel's housing protesters part of radical Left movement, suggests they are associated with Islamist extremists. Beck is in Israel to hold mass rally in Jerusalem under the banner 'Restoring Courage'

VIDEO - Controversial American radio personality Glenn Beck has come out against Israel's housing protest expressing his support for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.


"The 200,000 people on the streets of Tel Aviv are demanding change in Tel Aviv and standing against Benjamin Netanyahu, who are these people?," Beck wondered on his radio show last week. "They're obviously from the hard left," his fellow broadcaster Steve Burguiere said.



Burguiere based this claim on the protesters' list of demands from the government, and mocked such demands as those for enshrining the right to housing in the law. "It worked out well for the Soviets," a third broadcaster noted.


Watch Glenn Beck discuss Israel's 'tent protest'


When Burguiere noted the demand to "increase personal tax brackets for top earners," Beck said: "Oh, OK, so hate the rich."


"And you know what the thing is about Israel, there's no land. There's no undeveloped land there, at all," Beck said sarcastically.


Burguiere responded with: "That would be a way to lower rents, wouldn't it, if you increase development." Beck retorted: "Yeah, especially in Judea and Samaria."


Beck repeated the words Judea and Samaria several times, emphasizing the word "Jew."

"They now call it the West Bank or something, but its real name is Judea and Samaria."


Leftist financing?

The three proceeded to mock other demands such as mortgage relief, stopping the privatization of health facilities, raising the minimum wage and providing free education to children from the age of three months.


Referring to the Tel Aviv housing protesters, Beck said, "I'm wondering if there's any financing behind any of that.


"Why even look, why even look to see if there is any global leftist financing involved in Tel Aviv. And you know what, do not even look to see if there is any Islamist movement that is joining them."


Burguiere replied: "I'm sure that's not possible, you see the Left and Islamist extremists they hate each other, they never worked together."


Beck arrived in Israel over the weekend ahead of a mass rally he plans to hold in Jerusalem under the banner "Restoring Courage" which will be held on August 24.



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