Vehicle targeted by terrorists
Photo: Ariel Hermoni, Defense Ministry
Soldiers in south, after attacks
Photo: Eliad Levy

Cairo: Israeli flags torched outside embassy

Egypt calls emergency gov't meeting after death toll from Thursday's terror attacks reaches six

Hundreds of protesters gathered before the Israeli embassy in Cairo Friday following prayer services, torched Israeli flags and called on Hamas to attack the Jewish state.


Meanwhile a senior Egyptian official announced that the death toll among security forces following Thursday's deadly terror attacks in Israel had reached six. Israel says the men were killed by the same terror cell that killed eight Israelis Thursday. 


Escalation of violence in south:


The official confirmed that the men were killed battling terrorists. An officer and two soldiers were killed Thursday night while two other soldiers died of their wounds Friday morning, and another was killed Friday in clashes with "unknown persons".


The protesters, demonstrating against the deaths of the six soldiers, waved Palestinian flags and called out, "Israel will be torched" and "Death to Israel". 


According to local news reports, the protesters attempted to prevent the Israeli ambassador from entering the premises and demanded his deportation. They also called out, "Jihad, jihad!" and "The army of Mohammed will return", as well as, "We want fire, we want war!" and "The people demand an end to Camp David Accords!" . 


Watch protesters in Egypt 


'Egyptian patrol hit explosive devices'

GOC Southern Command Tal Russo explained the six Egyptian deaths, saying a border patrol had hit explosive devices apparently laid by the terror cell near the border. He did not comment on reports by al-Jazeera, which said the Egyptian soldiers were victims of an Israeli airstrike.


Russo added that Israel held talks with the Egyptian army overnight, in order to coordinate efforts to search for additional terrorists both in Israel and Sinai.


He said warnings of terror attacks had increased dramatically since the fall of former President Hosni Mubarak's regime, but vowed that the IDF would retaliate for Thursday's attacks. "Everyone who took part in these incidents will receive a response," he said.


Meanwhile, the Egyptian government announced it was calling an emergency meeting over the clashes and the security situation in Sinai. The government plans to debate possible measures that can be used to secure the border with Israel.


In Israel a forum of eight top ministers was also convened early Friday morning to discuss the attacks and possible measures of retaliation. Sources said after the meeting that the ministers decided a response was needed, but that the IDF should refrain from causing a further escalation in violence.


PRC denies involvement

Defense officials believe Thursday's attacks were carried out by the Popular Resistance Committees, but the terror group denied involvement after the IDF killed five of its members, believed to have masterminded the attacks. During the terrorists' funerals a spokesman for the PRC said the group was pleased with the attacks.


Another terror group affiliated with al-Qaeda, the Abdullah Azzam Brigades, claimed responsibility for the fire of a Grad rocket at Ashdod Friday morning, saying it was a response to "Israel's crimes".


In the meantime Israel continues the search for additional terrorists that may still be hiding in its territory. The captain of Eilat's anti-terror unit told a press conference Friday morning that "we are still in the midst of an incident".



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