Ipad 2. More expensive for Israelis
Apple importer raises iPad 2 prices
Dollar appreciation prompts iDigital to increase prices of tablet computer by 1-5%. Most expensive iPad now offered for NIS 3,777
A vast majority of Israel's citizens receive their paychecks in shekels, but for some reason Apple importer iDigital has decided to adjust the prices of products sold in its store to the US dollar rate.


Since the iPad 2 was inaugurated in Israel in late April, the dollar's exchange rate went up slightly (from about NIS 3.37 to NIS 3.53) – prompting iDigital to raise the tablet computer's prices by 1-5% (NIS 100-178).


As a result, the most basic iPad 2 (16GB), which cost NIS 2,149 (about $610) upon its introduction, now costs NIS 2,249 ($640), while the price of the most expensive iPad 2 (32GB) has gone up from NIS 3,649 ($1,035) to NIS 3,777 ($1,070).


iDigital stressed in a statement that "the price difference between Israel and the United States remains unchanged" and that "the prices of iPad 2 in Israel are lower than in Europe".


The company did not respond to the question whether iPad 2 prices would have gone down had the dollar rate dropped. The good news is that there are finally iPads in store after months of shortage.


Meanwhile, according to a new Internet rumor, iPad 3 will be launched in September with the introduction of iPhone 5. It appears, however, that the new products will only reach the stores in October.



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