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New Facebook initiative: Storm Knesset

Protest group opens page calling on activists to flock to Israeli parliament building on September 2, squat there. "If the people's representatives can be absent from the Knesset in such critical times, at least we'll be there,' they say

Changing the system from within? A group of protestors have marked a new target for the social protest – Israel's parliament, the Knesset.


The protest group posted an event on Facebook called "The Knesset is a vacant building – everyone come occupy the empty rooms!"


The group also announced that it intends on squatting at the Knesset compound in Jerusalem, as lawmakers go on their summer break.


The Facebook page further said, "Everyone, come and bring whatever you want – bring tents and furniture and what ever you can get your hands on – we're going to squat in the Knesset!"


The post also announced that "if the people's elected representatives can be absent from the Knesset in such critical times, at least we'll be there! We're paying for that beautiful house so at least let's live in it! It's time they stop spitting in the face of Democracy; time they stop condescendingly laughing in our faces. The people demand an active parliament!"


The protestors plan on arriving at the Knesset compound to set up temporary dwellings, and celebrate Shabbat together.


"We will greet Shabbat with communal prayers, blessings and a Sabbath dinner. Throughout the weekend, we'll continue protesting and hold debates by the people outside the Knesset. On Saturday evening we'll hold the September 3 demonstration – Israel's moment of truth!"


The Facebook page also includes about 10 clips showing the most disgraceful moments of the members of Israel's 18th Knesset.


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