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PA launches multi-language propaganda radio campaign

PA national radio to air messages aiming to gain support for statehood bid in 26 languages, including Hebrew, Russian

The Palestinian Authority has launched a campaign on its national radio station that aims to gain support for its upcoming bid for UN recognition.


Voice of Palestine General Manager Ahmad Zaki said that the station is set to broadcast frequent messages explaining the reasons and goals behind the bid – in multiple languages. The campaign is intended for audiences worldwide.


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Some 26 one-minute messages have been recorded as part of the campaign, each to be aired a few times every day – amounting to hundreds of such broadcasts a day.

Video featuring all 26 messages (Hebrew version in 23rd minute)


The PA expressed hope that the initiative will reach Israeli listeners as well, which is why some of the jingles were recorded in Hebrew and Russian.


"The Russian message targets the million Israelis who immigrated from Commonwealth of Independent States, inviting them to recognize a Palestinian state with 1967 borders. The establishment of the state will stabilize the region," Zaki said.


The Hebrew message, which defines Palestine as the 194th nation in the UN, urges Israelis "to support a two-state solution, so we can live side by side, Palestine and Israel. The choice is yours: peace for a bright future for you and us, or the continued struggle that leads to tragic results.


"Will you let your kids stay in tanks all their lives? You have suffered, and so have we. You can end everyone's suffering," the message stated. 


The messages, which describe the "Palestinian people's suffering from 1948 to the present" while blaming Israel for closing the doors to peace, are to be aired in English, Spanish and French, among others.


Roi Kais contributed to the report 




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