Opposition leader Tzipi Livni
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Livni on Turkey: Stop diplomatic rift

Opposition leader Tzipi Livni calls Turkish-Israeli leaders to put an end to ongoing crisis, remarking both sides need relationship to thrive

Opposition Chairwoman Tzipi Livni addressed the growing diplomatic deterioration with Turkey on Tuesday, telling Turkey's CNN Television Network that the crisis should have been averted and can be brought to an end.


She told the foreign network she has had "a lot of Erdogan time," claiming that while there were times that they did not see eye-to-eye, they were always able to cooperate because they both new better than to allow the situation to deteriorate.


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Livni added that the time has come for both Israel and Turkey to talk about the future, not just about the past.


The opposition leader called leaders from both sides to sit down in a closed room and talk things over without making statement or constantly accusing one another.


According to Livni, Israeli and Turkish officials should address their mutual interests. She said that both sides must exhibit leadership skills, adding that the two countries have common values and regional goals. Livni called to put an end to the diplomatic deterioration, claiming it’s as much a Turkish interest as it is an Israeli one.


Blame Hamas

Livni went on to accuse Hamas, which she claimed was very much the cause of this crisis.


She stated that Israeli sent its soldiers to protect the Israeli people against Hamas, mentioning that Turkey wants regional peace. Livni bashed Hamas, saying the terror organization doesn't represent that view and actually works against it.


Livni concluded that if Turkey wants to be a part of the peace camp it cannot be with Hamas.


The opposition leader also remarked that when there is controversy amongst leaders, the people should not pay the price. She called for a less emotional discussion and a more reasonable one between leaders of both sides.




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