One of the documents found

Egypt: Documents taken during raid on Israeli Embassy worthless

Cairo media inspects documents found during mob's raid on Israeli embassy, says they consists mostly of mundane forms

The media footage aired over the weekend depicting an Egyptian mob throwing documents from the Israeli Embassy's windows onto the street caused more than a little discomfort in Jerusalem, after concerns were raised that the mob was able to get its hands on sensitive documents.


Ynet had learned Sunday that a review of some of the documents presented by the Egyptian media indicates that the majority of papers seized were forms, and procedural motions.


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According to Egyptian daily al-Masri al-Youm, some of the papers included visa applications, electricity queries sent to the local power company, weapon license applications, and access forms to "sensitive areas."


A senior Egyptian security source said Sunday that Israel's claim regarding classified documents was "a conspiracy meant to escalate the situation."


מסמכים בידי הפורעים (צילום: AP)

Mundane forms? (Photo: AP)


The source said that the room which the mob was able to breach in the embassy's first floor was left unsecured, and the documents that were found there were "worthless."


"This was a trap for those who broke into the room, so Israel could drag Egypt into a diplomatic crisis by claiming that the embassy was compromised," the source maintained.


Meanwhile, Egypt's al-Ahram weekly reported that two senior Israeli officials have arrived in Cairo on a special flight, following the weekend's embassy raid. Airport sources refused to give any further details on the matter.


Since the weekend, Deputy Ambassador Yisrael Tikochinsky has been ordered to remain in Egypt, and with the evacuation of the Israeli ambassador, embassy staff and security personnel – including those stationed in the Alexandria Consulate – Tikochinsky now constitutes Israel's entire diplomatic mission to Egypt.


Tikochinsky now solely handles the implementation of Israel's foreign policy vis-à-vis Egypt and relays all communiqués between Jerusalem and Cairo.


The deputy ambassador's family was evacuated over the weekend, along with the families of other Israeli diplomats stationed in Egypt.


With the embassy building temporarily out of commission, Tikochinsky is currently working from his home, which is located in a relatively safe neighborhood in the Egyptian capitol. Two Israeli guards are with him.


Prime Minister's Office Spokesman Roni Sofer said: "Israel's efforts vis-à-vis Egypt to restore the embassy staff and necessary security arrangements are ongoing." Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, he added, "intends to settle the matter as soon as possible."


Meanwhile, on Sunday, the head of the security staff in the Israeli Embassy in Cairo, Yonatan, who was stranded in the embassy along with five other embassy employees during the mob raid, met with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Ehud Barak in the Prime Minister's Office in Jerusalem.


Netanyahu congratulated Yonatan for his bravery and composure during the incident, saying "we would not have been here if it wasn’t for you."


Barak added: "Yonatan showed courage during a very difficult event. He used his discretion and acted responsibly, and for that he should be commended."


Ronen Medzini controbuted to this report




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