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PA presents: The makings of a state
Palestinian PM to present UN, donors with report detailing Palestinian Authority's financial and social success ahead of statehood bid

Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad is set to present international donors with a progress report detailing the PA's pre-statehood effort, Ynet has learned Tuesday.


Fayyad maintains that the PA's biennial plan to install the necessary mechanisms for an independent state has proven successful in public financial management, law and order and local governance.


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"Our efforts have been (geared) towards making statehood inevitable. We are ready," Fayyad wrote in the report's brief.


The report indicates that between 2009 and 2010, the PA's revenue has increased by 21%, crossing the $2 billion mark.  


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Ramallah's expenditures dropped to 38% of its GNP and its loans dropped to 10.3% of the GNP.


Fayyad states in the report that the Local Governance Ministry in the PA has 41 strategic development plans in the works, slated to mature over the next four years.  


The PA is also said to be working on a contingency plan for the rehabilitation of Gaza Strip, although Fatah's tense relations with Hamas make the future of this plan vague.


The Palestinian prime minister is scheduled to meet with Ramallah's international donors next week, in New York City.


Senior Palestinian officials are scheduled to meet with Arab League ministers in Egypt on Tuesday to discuss whether to present their statehood bid to the UN Security Council, as well as the UN General Assembly.


The General Assembly, which has a majority of Muslim and third-world countries, is likely to grant to PA's appeal, but the United States has already declared that it will veto the motion, should it be presented before the Security Council.




First published: 09.13.11, 13:45
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