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Israeli tycoons on pilgrimage to Bulgaria

Top Israeli businessmen to accompany Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto on visit to righteous man's grave

The Bulgarian city of Silistra will turn this week into one of the centers of Israel's economy with the arrival of a large group of tycoons and opinion shapers from the Jewish state.


The guests include businessmen Ilan Ben-Dov, Jacky Ben-Zaken and Rami Levy, as well as American Jewish billionaire Jay Schottenstein. They will be accompanying Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto, 38, of Ashdod, who is known to have a great amount of influence on Israeli celebrities and has even been referred to as "the seculars' Rebbe".


Pinto has made it a habit to visit the grave of Rabbi Eliezer Papo, named the "wonder advisor" after his book which gives advice on how to behave as a Jew in many aspects of life.


Rabbi Pinto's Shuva Israel institutions bought the gravesite several years ago, and since then the place has become a pilgrimage site.


Ahead of the traditional Breslov Hasidic pilgrimage to Rabbi Nachman's grave in Ukraine, a smaller delegation will leave on Wednesday to Bulgaria from Israel, the United States and Western Europe.


Thousands of worshippers will escort Rabbi Pinto in his prayers for the Jewish New Year, including leading businessmen and celebrities. The rabbi's associates noted with the satisfaction that many of the wealthy worshippers accompanying him believe he has superior powers.


One can only imagine the value of the business deals about to be struck between the many billionaires at the gravesite.


One of the events slated to take place this year during the trip is the first haircut (also known as "halake") of the rabbi's three-year-old son. This ceremony is causing great excitement among the Hasidim, as the son's birth followed a long series of treatments and prayers by thousands of people across Israel.


The airport in the nearby city of Varna will be closed ahead of Rabbi Pinto's arrival, and he will be met there by local officials. The pilgrimage will last less than 24 hours due to the tight schedule to the rabbi and the many tycoons accompanying him.



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