Ilan Ramon, Israel's first astronaut
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Israelis conduct largest chemistry lesson

Over 1,000 students, teachers attempt to break Guinness world record in reenactment of scientific experiment conducted in outer space by Israel's first astronaut, Ilan Ramon

Students in Kiryat Yam and northern Israel attempted to break the Guinness world record on Thursday by conducting the largest chemistry lesson and scientific experiment in the world.


Over 1,000 students and teachers participated in the reenactment of a science experiment conducted in outer space by Ilan Ramon, Israel's first astronaut.


The experiment was conducted outside the planetarium named after Ilan Ramon, which is at the center of the Science Park of Kiryat Yam.


This attempt at shattering the world record was part of "Science Night”, an annual event initiated by the European Union in cooperation with many museums and academic institutions throughout Europe and Israel.

The purpose of this program is to encourage youngsters to choose the fields of science and research as they pursue their future studies.


The Kiryat Yam Science Park was recently completed thanks to the ongoing cooperation between the Municipality of Kiryat Yam and World ORT, who successfully recruited tens of millions of shekels from the Schoenbaum Family Foundation and the Ministries of Education and Science.


Throughout the park, students and visitors can familiarize themselves with experiments, enjoy interactive exhibits, learn up close about natural phenomena, amazing science and technology facts and understand how and why they occur.


In the center of the park there are two unique and fascinating attractions that exist in only in a few places in the world. One of these attractions is a sophisticated planetarium (the second of its kind in Israel), which was established with the assistance and guidance of NASA personnel.


The planetarium enables visitors to experience a visit to other galaxies, stars and worlds outside earth’s atmosphere and get a taste of what is happening there.


The second attraction in the park’s center is an Oceanarium called "Yam – Da”, which offers visitors a virtual visit to the world deep beneath the sea. Visitors get a rare glimpse into the life and ecosystem of different types of life and underwater animals and an understanding of the power and importance of the largest resource of Kiryat Yam – the Mediterranean Sea.


'Big step for scientific education'

Kiryat Yam Mayor Samuel Sisso said the festive evening also commemorated five years since the Ministry of Education declared Kiryat Yam the "science city of Israel" and made that vision a reality.


Mayor Sisso stated, "The fact that thousands of youth students and adults come here to learn about the mysteries of science proves that we made the right move - it is a small step for the city of Kiryat Yam and a big step for scientific education.


"Breaking the Guinness world record is only symbolic since the essence of science is to continuous exploration and achieving more and more new records."


Robert Singer, CEO of World ORT, added: "The World ORT organization sees in the Kiryat Yam Science Park, which was built thanks to the generous contribution of Schoenbaum Family Foundation, the fulfillment of the Zionist vision for developing the future generation of scientists, by promoting science and technology studies and strengthening the periphery.


"The organization places strategic importance in encouraging scientific excellence in the next generation. This experiment, which will break the Guinness World Record, proves again the creativity, and the abilities of future generations."



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