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Tear gas and clubs
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Far-rightists brace for post-UN bid riots

Rightist extremists gear up for expected riots over upcoming UN statehood bid, hand out tear gas, clubs to West Bank settlers; say 'best defense is offense'

Far-right activists in Israel are gearing for expected riots over the upcoming Palestinian UN statehood bid, fearing Palestinian rallies will turn violent.


Eleven extreme right-wing activists, including Baruch Marzel, Noam Federman, Bentzi Gopstein and others from the West Bank and Jerusalem, gathered on Wednesday night at a secluded West Bank location to discuss the shaky security situation.


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Amongst the participants were some activists suspected of "Price Tag" involvement against Palestinians. A similar meeting was held in Kiryat Arba.


IDF and Palestinians clash Wednesday (Photo: Noam Moskovich) (Photo:  Noam Moskovich )
IDF and Palestinians clash Wednesday (Photo: Noam Moskovich)

The members decided that in order to prepare for possible confrontation with the Palestinians, they must reinforce their outposts with activists, clubs and helmets.


"Our enemies are like Amalek (a biblical villain)," said Marzel, chairman of the rightist movement Our Land of Israel. "We believe they will head towards weaker locations – to the small, isolated outposts. They will go to places where there are only one or two families."


Ahead of UN statehood bid (Photo: Noam Moskovich) (Photo: Noam Moskovich)
Ahead of UN statehood bid (Photo: Noam Moskovich)

"We must reinforce these places and get the IDF to come there, and if the IDF doesn't take care of things then we will," vowed Marzel. "We must protect every forsaken hill. Defend it with our bodies."


The far-right extremist Federman suggested preparing a list consisting of all weapon holders willing to volunteer and protect the hills. "Due to the oppression on behalf of the government, things have exacerbated so much that they confiscated weapons and we must come to their aid."


Handing out clubs, helmets

Participants agreed to reinforce the outposts with observers. It was also decided the activists will confront Palestinian protesters on roads leading to the villages and outposts, before the Palestinian marches reach the settlements.


The activists concluded that they must avoid any clashes with IDF soldiers. "Soldiers are one thing and the Arabs are something else," said a participant. "The soldiers are on our side, but an enemy is an enemy with all that it entails."


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Gopstein, Kiryat Arba's Council Member, informed the members that activists have been handing out hundreds of clubs, helmets and tear gas to residents living in outposts so they might defend themselves if necessary.


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"There are good people in the outposts. They want to take the initiative and they've been given all of the tools we could provide for them on order to protect themselves," said Gopstein.


"But we must remember that the best defense is offense. We can't stay close to our fences. If the Arabs can come to us, they must learn we can come to them."


According to the police, Wednesday's riots in the territories – which left two Israelis, including an infant, injured – were local and did not develop into wide-scale violence. Friday's protest events are not expected to turn into massive riots either.




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