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High Court rejects cadet's petition over woman's singing

Judges claim petition filed by Yoel Glickman, who was dismissed from an officers' course after refusing to listen to a female soldier sing during a military event, is an internal military matter, should not be reviewed by court

The High Court of Justice on Wednesday rejected a petition filed by IDF cadet Yoel Glickman, who was dismissed from an officers' course after refusing to listen to a female soldier sing during a military event.


Supreme Court President Dorit Beinisch and Justices Eliezer Rivlin and Miriam Naor rejected the petition claiming the matter pertained to the military authorities and not to the judiciary.


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In their decision, the judges noted that the IDF is reviewing the issue of female singers, and that it is expected to submit its recommendations soon. "Enroll in a different course and finish it with flying colors," Judge Beinisch told Glickman after issuing the decision.


During the hearing, Beinish told Glickman: "You are asking us to intervene with IDF regulations, which we don't usually do. When we are told that administrative work is being conducted, according to our rules we do not intervene until we are informed of the military's policy on the matter.


"We are not the address for complaints against the commander. This is an internal military issue," she added.


'We are disappointed'

In his petition, Glickman claimed that the commanders' demand that the cadets remain in the auditorium during the woman's song was illegal.


Glickman added that forcing soldiers to listen to women sing against their faith was not just illegal, but very serious in light of the fact that the commanders stated that the course's cadets would be forced to do so in the future as well.


The dismissed cadet, who serves in the Nahal Haredi regiment, argued in his petition that although the regiment commander defined women's singing as "a professional matter", this is a "groundless claim" which will have consequences in the future.


He noted that "the reason I joined the army and this particular regiment was my desire to serve in the IDF and contribute to the people of Israel, while maintaining Jewish Law without any compromises.


Following the hearing Yoel's father, Yossi Glickman, said "we are disappointed. We expected the court to accept the petition. If the military comes to the conclusion that the commander's actions were just, we might file another petition with the High Court."




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