Clash between settlers, Palestinians
Photo: Erez Krispin, Combatants for Peace

Settlers, Palestinians wounded during clash

Violent confrontation near West Bank outpost of Esh Kodesh leaves at least 10 injured. Palestinians say they were assaulted during olive-harvest, while settlers claim they were intentionally provoked

Land dispute – ten people were injured on Friday during a violent clash between settlers from the outpost of Esh Kodesh and Palestinians and left-wing activists who were engaged in an olive-harvest near the village of Jalud.


Three settlers were lightly injured from stone hurling, and between four and six Palestinians, including a 12-year-old boy, were also wounded in the incident. Some were evacuated to a hospital in the Nablus area.


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Moments after the clash erupted IDF forces arrive to the scene and used smoke grenades to disperse the sides.


During the skirmish, the surrounding olive grove was set on fire, however it was not clear whether the fire was intentionally started by one of the sides or as a result of IDF fire.


Conflicting accounts

Palestinians from the village of Jalud claimed that they were attacked by masked settlers with metal poles after they began an olive-harvest on their lands, which are adjacent to the outpost.


רעולי פנים בשטח המריבה, סמוך לכפר ג'אלוד (צילום: ארז קריספין, לוחמים לשלום)

West Bank violence (Photo: Erez Krispin, Combatants for Peace)


The Palestinians noted that the settlers started beating them and the left-wing activists that were helping with the harvest. They also claimed the settlers stole and broke several cameras that were in their possession.


Meanwhile, an Esh Kodesh resident who witnessed the incident told Ynet: "Usually we are attacked only by Palestinians, but this time there were 50 Palestinians and a similar number of leftists and European anarchists.


"My daughter screamed from the kitchen that a large group of people were approaching the area. When we came out to see what was going on, we were hit by a salvo of stones and then beaten too," he said.


"It's important to note that they came under the pretence of an olive-harvest, but they did not coordinate it with the military or any other body," the Esh Kodesh resident said, adding "these trees are sick and no one has attended to them in over 10 years, that’s why their only aim was to create a provocation."


Yair Altman contributed to this report




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