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Shalit's day of release appears on rebbe's dollar bill

A dollar bill given by the Lubavitcher Rebbe to a Jerusalem couple who later gave it to Aviva Shalit states Gilad's release date. And how is Gilad connected to Joseph?

Days after the return home of kidnapped IDF soldier Gilad Shalit , the haredi street is attributing mystical signs to his release: Haredi media sources are connecting Shalit with the Lubavitcher Rebbe and Joseph following a series of coincidences that should be "attributed to divine intervention".


According to reports, these coincidences also created "much excitement" in the Shalit family.


Chabad website COL reported that emissaries of the Hassidic movement in the Talbiyeh neighborhood in Jerusalem – Eliyahu and Chana Kenterman – gave Gilad's mother Aviva a special "charm" several months ago: a dollar bill they had received from the Lubavitcher Rebbe years ago.


Bill given to Aviva Shalit with writing on top. Since it was given during 'Bein Hashmashot' (the time between the end of the day until the beginning of night, according to Jewish tradition), Kenterman was unsure whether to write the 20th or 21st day – eventually she wrote both dates (Photo: Courtesy of Chabad website COL) 


Chana, who was in contact with the Shalits during their stay at the protest tent in Jerusalem, recalled, "The atmosphere was grim in the Shalit family. We wanted to give them a gift that would open up a source of hope and strength for them while continuing to await the return of their son."


It later emerged that the date in which the rebbe gave the dollar bill to the couple - the 20th day of Tishrei - was the exact date in which Gilad was released from captivity.


Last week, on the day that Gilad returned home, Aviva noticed that the following words were written on the dollar bill: 'Tuesday, 20th of Tishrei' and wishes for a 'Blessing and success in all matters'.


According to the report in the haredi website, Aviva called Kenterman on Monday and told her with excitement of Gilad's condition: "He's alright Chani!" Shalit's mother added that she had told Gilad about the dollar bill. She wanted to return the bill but Kenterman refused: "Is there better proof that the bill is meant to be with you?"


Gilad Shalit and Joseph

Another haredi website 'Kikar Hashabat' (Shabbat Square), published an article pointing at divine connections between Joseph and Shalit. First, Shalit was kidnapped on the day Joseph died and was released on the day of his "ushpizin" (the day in which, according to tradition, Joseph's soul visits every sukkah).


Another connection can be noticed in the following psalm from the Book of Exodus: "And Joseph is the Shalit" (ruler)



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