Ashdod hit by Grad rocket
Photo: Avi Rokach

IDF explains terror cells' rocket attack success

Defense officials argue accurate rocket hits resulted from weather, entrenched launcher posts, training and advanced technology - including multi-barrel rockets. But what about the Iron Dome?

When faced with the question of why the Islamic Jihad terror cells were so successful at firing rockets on Israel on Saturday, with such ease, defense officials offer a few explanations – including the optimal weather conditions in the south.


These officials predicted that similarly to previous periods of escalation in the south, the terror cells firing rockets at Israel on Saturday took advantage of the massive cloudiness accumulating near the Gaza Strip, enabling the terrorists to launch rockets more effectively – particularly because the IDF's aerial forecast systems were unable to detect the rockets in an efficient manner.


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IDF officials explained that the relatively accurate rocket hits resulted from entrenched launcher posts covered in concrete, trained terror cells, and advanced launcher technology, including multi-barrel rockets.

Rockets fires towards Ashdod


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In the midst of the rocket attacks, the Air Force reinforced its MRPV (mini remote-piloted vehicles) activity in order to locate the rocket firing sources. With the help of these small and light aircrafts, the IDF is able to photograph enemy territory from only a few hundred meters away, flying quietly and below the clouds.


As for the Islamic Jihad's advanced technology, the method of firing multi-barrel rockets was used by the terror group to target southern communities on Saturday, as well as on Wednesday night.


In contrast to short-range Qassam rockets, the Grad rockets launched with these new technologies enable the terrorists to fire several rockets at once and therefore cause greater damage.


This method of action makes it easier for terrorists to hit their target, since right after one rocket is launched - another one follows a short while later, directed towards the same location.


IDF officials also explained the high success rates of the Islamic Jihad terrorists due to the Iron Dome's system inactivity. The advanced mobile air defense system only intercepted one rocket headed towards Beersheba, leaving both Ashdod and Ashkelon completely exposed.


"The system was located in a rush," an IDF official offered a clarification.


Yoav Zitun contributed to the report




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