'Or Hachaim' bookstore
Photo: Shlomi Cohen

Bookstore gives in to haredi zealots

After months of harassment and vandalism on part of extreme Sicarii faction, Mea Shearim store agrees to have its books supervised in exchange for truce

After months of harassment and acts of vandalism in Jerusalem's Mea Shearim neighborhood, modern bookstore "Or Hachaim" bookstore has given in to pressure and agreed to have its books supervised by a committee affiliated with the extreme Sicarii faction in exchange for a truce.


The ultra-Orthodox zealots launched an all-out war against the store several months ago, claiming that it sold "immodest books".


As part of their struggle, they smashed the store's door and windows several times, poured a smelly liquid outside the shop during opening hours and used additional means of pressure.


Eventually, it seems, the unstoppable harassment caused the store owners to surrender and agree to subject their books to censorship.


Ads issued recently by the "Redemption Committee" stated, "The owners of the 'Or Hachaim' bookstore have negotiated with the committee activists and agreed to match the store to the spirit of the neighborhood in accordance with the committee's instructions.


"Therefore, we hereby announce that anyone with any claim or comment on the matter should turn to the committee's representatives and all will turn out well."


The ad, published in the capital's haredi neighborhoods, stressed that violence must no longer be used against the store.


"A person must not take the law into his own hands and must not damage property in any way," the ad read.


"Or Hachaim" owners declined comment, but a source in Mea Shearim said it seemed the bookstore had raised a white flag. "It took quite a long time, but they eventually gave up after many months of battle."




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