Soldiers' online clip reveals classified data
Six-minute Youtube video showing confidential maps, command-and-control systems able to go viral before IDF removes it
A six-minute video uploaded by IDF soldiers to Youtube, documenting confidential maps and highly-advanced command-and-control systems, was removed from the website recently, after months of airtime exposing the sensitive information. Ynet informed the IDF about its existence, leading to the removal of the clip.


The video shows an intelligence officer holding the rank of major seen walking among his IDF squadron. Later on it is revealed that the soldier was only impersonating an officer.


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Aside from documenting the operations rooms, the clip also displays female soldiers dancing around without their uniforms and smoking in a situation room. In another bit, some soldiers are shown marching inside that base's passageways.



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The video also exposes bulletin boards with classified operational instructions, walkie-talkies and other operational elements. At the end, the soldiers who most likely produced the clip receive full credit.


Despite Ynet informing to the IDF about the video, hundreds of viewers had already watched it in the past months, even managing to download the file to their personal computers.


In response, the IDF spokesman said: "The IDF views this incident with grave severity and it will be investigated thoroughly.


"This is damaging to our operational competence and a breach of information security protocols. The Information Security Department is working to prevent such information security offenses and will act to to judge those involved severely."


Initial information was received via the Red Mail




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