Signing agreement, Wednesday night
Doctors' protest
Photo: Gil Yohanan
Dr. Eidelman. 'Important deal for years to come'
Photo: Ido Erez

Medical residents sign deal with Treasury

After nearly year of protest and resignation threats, young doctors reach compromise with Finance Ministry. 'We've done the impossible,' they declare

The health crisis in Israel has finally come to an end: Representatives of the medical residents on Wednesday night signed a memorandum of understanding with Treasury and Israel Medical Association (IMA) representatives, following hours of discussions between their legal advisors.


The young doctors approved the agreement by a majority of votes on Wednesday evening.


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The understandings will be presented in a special press conference at 10 am Thursday.


According to IMA Chairman Dr. Leonid Eidelman, "The understandings reached are very important for the years to come, not just for the young doctors, but for all doctors in Israel.


"There's no doubt that the additions to the agreement are honorable and reinforce the agreement and public health. I'm glad the doctors can return to work with their heads held high."

המתמחים בדיונים. "מאבק מאוד עיקש" (צילום: אלי אלגרט) 

Medical residents. 'Stubborn struggle' (Photo: Eli Elgarat)


"We've come a long way, and the dialogue with the residents and young specialists eventually led to a memorandum of understanding which somewhat improved our conditions," added Dr. Oren Feldman, one of the residents' representatives.


"We proved, through a very stubborn struggle, that things people say are impossible can be done. However, we must remember that this doesn't fix the poor system - it's just the first step."


Retired Judge Yitzhak Zamir, who served as one of the mediators, noted that "it's amazing how people who began the process only two weeks ago left as friends. I think that we managed to protect the young doctors' interests on the one hand, while protecting the interests of the State and public as well."


Salary increment of NIS 7,000

As part of the compromise, the wage agreement signed will be reexamined after four years, and if the parties fail to reach an understanding they will turn to arbitration.


In addition, the doctors will receive a bonus after the first stage of their training, and another bonus after the second stage. Residents will also be entitled to a weekly day of rest after weekend duty, in addition to the day of rest they already receive after every duty.

רופאים מפגינים בת"א. גם המתנגדים צפויים ליישר קו (צילום: מוטי קמחי)

Doctors protest in Tel Aviv (Archive photo: Moti Kimchi)


Upon the implementation of the agreement, a young resident who works five extra hours at the hospital four times a month will receive a salary increment of NIS 7,000 (about $1,870), which will be given after two additional duties (one at the ER and one at the ward).


Residents will also be entitled to transportation on weekends, and a hospital employing a resident for more than six turns of duty a month will be fined.


They will also be paid for working on Fridays, starting on the 14th Friday they work in a year. In addition, they will receive a different payment for duty which includes responsibility for the ER as well.


The vote on the draft agreement was postponed Tuesday after residents from the Sourasky Medical Center in Tel Aviv demanded to review the understandings before announcing their decision.


Eventually, 59 residents voted against the agreement and 38 in favor, but a counting of the votes of residents who filed resignation letters in the past reveals that most of them support the deal.


The residents issued a statement saying, "Just like we did throughout the struggle, we'll honor the decision made by the majority and stand as one behind the understandings."



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