Photo: Meir Fartush
IDF medics
Photo: Meir Fartush

Guests asked to 'dress modestly' for IDF ceremony

Parents of soldiers completing military medics' course surprised to receive invitation with bold lettering instructing them to arrive in 'modest clothing'

Parents of soldiers who recently completed an IDF medics' course were shocked to discover that in the invitation to the graduation ceremony they were instructed to arrive in "modest clothing."


The wording of the invitation was seemingly normal: "The Military Medical School is honored to invite you to the graduation ceremony of the military medics' course."


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However, on the back of the invitation, below a list of driving instructions and other details, it was written in bold letters: "(Guests must) arrive in modest clothing."


ההזמנה לטקס (ההדגשה לא במקור) 

The original invitation (Yellow highlight added)


Ada (who asked not to disclose her last name), whose son is among the course graduates, told Ynet: "I've had children in the military before, and I don’t recall being instructed to come to a graduation ceremony in modest dress. I am beginning to wonder whether I'm living in the right country. What is this, Iran?" she wondered.


The instruction, which was phrased as a demand, rather than a request, appeared in bold lettering and stood out more than the other details on the invitation.


Asked whether she complained to the relevant military officials, Ada said "I don't know if there's any point to it.


"Judging by what's been going on lately in the army, it sounds logical," she said, hinting at the recent controversy surrounding the performance of female singers in military ceremonies.


Ada said she plans to attend the ceremony, adding that she will bring the matter to the attention of the course commander. "It's my son, so I will attend the ceremony, but I haven’t decided what to wear yet, this is all so ridiculous," she chuckled.


The IDF Spokesperson's Unit stated in response: "This version has appeared on the invitation for a decade, and it will be reexamined."






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