Peres. 'I can't start my day without it'
Photo: Gil Yohanan

Peres introduces online newspaper

Meet Shimon Post – online daily published by none other than Israel's president. Newspaper includes articles from world's leading publications; subscribers include White House and EU officials, PA leaders

Have you subscribed to Shimon Peres' newspaper?


Believe it or not, Israel's president has recently become the publisher of an online daily named Shimon Post. The daily edition has a pretty wide distribution and includes articles published on the world's leading media outlets on economics, politics and policy.


The newspaper's acting editor-in-chief is the president's associate, Avi Gil, a former Foreign Ministry director-general.


Gil, who is considered a walking encyclopedia, wakes up in the small hours of the night and reviews all of the world's important newspaper and websites in search of interesting and special items. Every day he downloads seven selected articles onto a file with a Peres cartoon on the top, mostly related to current affairs.


On December 10, for example, Shimon Post featured a cartoon of Peres dressed as a mother leading baby (Iranian President Mahmoud) Ahmadinejad in a supermarket trolley. The December 11 issue had a cartoon of the Swedish king handing the Nobel Prize to five Jews alongside an applauding Peres.


The items chosen for that same issue included a Daily Beast report on Britain's refusal to join the new eurozone, an Atlantic article about the Muslim Brotherhood's rise to power in Egypt and a Foreign Affairs story about Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.


The newspaper's subscribers include senior White House officials, ministers, Knesset members, European Union officials, Palestinian Authority leaders, Israeli newspaper editors and the president's associates.


The No. 1 subscriber is, naturally, Shimon Peres. Every day he wakes at 4 am and reviews the new issue of Shimon Post. "It's the best intelligence in the world," he says. "I can't start my day without it."



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