Migron. 'All leftist attempts to prove ownership have failed'
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Rabbi Yaakov Ariel
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Rabbi Shlomo Aviner
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200 rabbis: Don't destroy Migron

Religious Zionism leaders urge government to find way to legally authorize West Bank outpost. 'Deserting a permanent settlement and razing buildings are a terrible defamation of God,' they state

Some 200 Religious Zionism rabbis have signed a letter calling on the government not to evacuate the West Bank outpost of Migron, but rather find a way to legally authorize it and continue its development.


In an "urgent rabbis' call" titled "Don't destroy Migron!" senior Religious Zionism members, community rabbis and yeshiva heads argue that the outpost is a permanent settlement, and that the demolition order issued against it is a "great injustice" caused to its residents by the law authorities and left-wing organizations.


The letter was signed by rabbis presenting a wide spectrum of opinions and factions in the Religious Zionism movement, including leaders of the "national" stream who don't usually join such letters.


The signatories include Rabbis Yaakov Ariel, Haim Drukman, Zvi Tau, Zalman Nehemia Goldberg, Shlomo Aviner, Yaakov Yosef, Elyakim Levanon, Eliezer Melamed and Eli Sadan.


The rabbis begin their letter with a general declaration that "the entire Land of Israel, including all of its parts, is God's heritage and one of the greatest gifs the Holy One Blessed Be He gave to the people of Israel."


They note that Migron was established 12 years ago on rocky and available land and that "not a single Arab has ever claimed any proved ownership on these lands."


According to the rabbis, the Housing Ministry and other institutions supported and helped build the community in its current location.


'Great injustice'

"As a result of strong pressure by 'leftist elements,' the High Court ordered the demolition of Migron, which has hundreds of residents, by March, without even giving the residents the fundamental right to clarify their claims with the acceptable legal authorities," the rabbis argue.


"Moreover, it has recently turned out that all attempts by leftist elements to prove the petitioners' alleged ownership on the lands of Migron have failed."


The signatories rule that in light of this situation, "the great injustice being caused to Migron's residents is clearly apparent," and call on the government not to "destroy" the community but rather authorize it.


"All the talk about 'relocating' the community elsewhere serve don't serve as a solution to the problem in any way," they write. "Changing the name from 'destruction' to 'relocation' cannot change the essence.


"Deserting a permanent settlement and razing buildings, God forbid, are a terrible defamation of God, regardless of where the residents go to."



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