Domino menorah before its collapse
Photo: Eli Mandelbaum

25,000 domino pieces create menorah

(Video) Watching a large, magnificent Hanukkah candlestick collapse may be a difficult sight for its creators, but in Nissim Lopez and Yogev Levy's case – it was a great joy. Watch domino menorah fall

VIDEO – It's not kosher, you can't use it to light candles – and it actually collapsed within minutes, but the menorah placed at the Israel Museum's entrance hall is probably one of the most impressive Hanukkah candlesticks ever seen in Israel.


A large audience arrived Sunday afternoon to watch the huge menorah, made out of 25,000 domino pieces, fall. Five-year-old Dan Ben-Simchon won a raffle and was the one to make the first piece fall, creating a magnificent chain reaction.


Reporter: Sivan Raviv; Camera: Eli Mandelbaum; Editing: Dafna Mekel


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The menorah was built by Nissim Lopez and Yogev Levy, who have turned the Domino Rally game into a time-consuming habit. They hope that collapsing the huge menorah will land them in the Guinness Book of Records.


"Many ask us how we ended up with this unusual habit of sitting for hours on a cold floor, placing one piece after another, just to see everything fall," says Levy.


"It all began with Nissim, who was looking for something to do on Yom Kippur, searched through his closet and found an old Domino Rally box. After arranging all the pieces, he realized it wasn't enough – and bought another box several days later.


"One weekend, when it was too cold to go outside, I visited Nissim's house and we somehow began building a track around his living room. I think there were only about 1,000 pieces; it was pretty short.


"We decided to turn it into something a bit more serious and bought another 1,000 pieces, and it just grew and grew – until today's record."



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