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'I wouldn't send US troops to fight Nazis'

Blogger says that in 2009 Republican presidential hopeful Ron Paul declared that if he was in office during WW2 he 'wouldn’t have risked American lives just to save Jews'

WASHINGTON – Republican presidential hopeful Ron Paul's past statements are coming back to haunt him – and this time it's about the US' role in ending World War 2 and the Holocaust. 


Following a controversial revelation by a former aide to the congressman, saying that Paul "wishes Israel didn't exist," another blogger said Tuesday that in 2009 Paul went on the record as saying that if he were the president of the United States during WWII he "wouldn't have risked American lives to end the Holocaust."


Journalist Jeffrey Shapiro posted a 2009 interview he held with the GOP's leading candidate, in which Paul clearly states that if it were up to him at the time, saving the Jews from annihilation in Europe would not have been a "moral imperative."  


"I asked Congressman Paul: If he were president of the United States during World War II would he have sent American troops to Nazi Germany to save the Jews? And the Congressman answered: No, I wouldn't."


פול. "אם מישהו היה רוצה לעשות את זה בעצמו, זה בסדר" (צילום: AFP)

An extreme isolationist? Paul (Photo: Reuters)


"I wouldn't risk American lives to do that. If someone wants to do that on their own because they want to do that, well, that’s fine, but I wouldn't do that," Shapiro wrote.


Shapiro added that he later contacted Eric Dondero, Paul's former top aide, who said that he had heard his boss make similar comments on various occasions.


"Dondero told me that Paul had made similar comments to him, that 'it was not worth it to intervene to save the Jews in World War II.'"


"I don't think that's because he's an anti-Semite. It's because he’s an extreme isolationist and he’s trying to be 100% principled–he doesn't think there’s any reason to intervene for human rights or any other reason anywhere on the planet." Shapiro quoted Dondero as saying.


Shapiro noted that when he first presented Paul's startling statement about the Holocaust to major media outlets in the US, "they were so stunned they were afraid to publish my story, and as a result it has remained unpublished until now."




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