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Saudis laud credit card hacking scheme

Scheme widely reported in Saudi-Arabia as web surfers welcome damage caused to Israelis. 'Jews are the most despicable, Hitler was right,' one talkbacker says

Saudi web surfers expressed glee Tuesday over the credit card scheme which exposed the account details of tens of thousands of Israelis. "If I were a hacker I would wish for 800,000 credit cards to be leaked, not just 400,000," one Saudi talkbacker wrote. "It's allowed when it concerns Jews," others said.


On Monday, it was reported that Saudi hackers claimed to have leaked credit card and personal information of over 400,000 Israelis. The hackers called the cyber attack a "gift to the world for the new year," which they hoped "would hurt the Zionist pocket." The file was removed shortly after being posted.


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Saudi Arabia's official news agency, a mouthpiece for the country's rulers, did not report the affair but it was covered extensively by Saudi websites. Many electronic newspapers made the affair their leading story.


הדיווח באתר העיתון "א-סבק". "היטלר צדק"

Report on Saudi website


One website recorded over 10,000 hits for the story, which was also featured heavily on Facebook. The responses were mostly hostile towards Jews and Israel.


"Well done naughty boy…the Jews are the most despicable people…Hitler was right in what he said," one talkbacker wrote. "The Jews are the filthiest people on earth and the lowest among mankind. They deserve to be killed," another remarked.


העמוד הראשי של אתר החדשות הכלכלי "אל-איקתיסאדיה"

Top story in Saudi Arabia


There were exceptions however and some talkbacks maintained that theft was forbidden according toIslam. "This is a distortion of Islam which does not command to hurt the people of the book (the Jews) as long as they don’t hurt us. True, they are Zionists and our biggest enemies but we must not damage their property," one talkbacker wrote.


The scheme was also the top story of a Saudi financial paper. One web surfer condemned the hacking and quoted a Koran passage. "With all due respect, this thing is unjustified both religiously and morally," he said.





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