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Saudi hacker releases more Israeli credit info

New list contains 11,000 credit card numbers; Saudi hacker to Ynet: This is only the beginning

An alleged saudi hacker has released a new file containing credit card information belonging to 11,000 Israelis on Thursday, days after leaking a list of 18,000 such entries


In an e-mail interview with Ynet, the 19-year-old hacker said that he considers his actions "a payback" for what he described as Israel's wrongdoing.


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"Israel attacks and kills innocent Palestinian people, they do genocide, they even break legal international rules," the hacker, who identified himself as  "0xOmar," wrote.


"Hurting a person who occupied innocent people's land and hurts innocent people is not bad thing, it's a payback."


The alleged Riyadh resident said his actions were meant "to harm Israel for now financially and socially, by creating long queues and crisis and panic."


The hacker told Ynet that the latest leaks are just the beginning, and he soon intends to leak more personal information belonging to Israelis, as well as documents from military contractors and companies who manufacture surveillance equipment.


In a message attached to the file, 0xOmar threatened to release a comprehensive list containing 60,000 credit card entries. The updated file contains credit card numbers, passwords and other personal details that were stolen from Israeli coupon websites.


"An Israeli stupid student says it was only 14,000 cards, while only A SIGNLE (sic) FILE we uploaded contains 27000 working credit cards," the hacker said in the statement. "(…) It was so bad media failure. Fake Jewish and Zionist lobby media started writing what a stupid student says.  

ההודעה - כפי שפורסמה היום 

Hacker's latest message


"This made me a little unhappy. So I've started thinking of sending all Israeli credit cards I own which reaches 1M data. I'll do it soon!"


Data from military contractors?

0xOmar claimed that he hacked more than 80 Israeli servers to steal the sensitive details, and accused the "Zionist lobby" of forcing various websites to remove the previously-published lists.


On Monday, hackers who identified themselves as members of the online Anonymous network claimed to have leaked files containing credit card numbers and expiration dates belonging to more than 400,000 Israelis.


They called on surfers to use the details in order to purchase goods online, calling the cyber attack a "gift to the world for the new year."


Ofer Schwartz, a mathematics and computer science student at the Technion, claimed that the files contained only 18,000 unique entries, not 400,000 as the hackers claimed. He found that while the files do contain 400,000 entries, many of them are repeated several times.


Most of the Israelis whose names appeared in the leaked files confirmed they contained their actual addresses and phone numbers, but the majority said the credit card details were false. The Bank of Israel and the affected credit companies launched an investigation into the incident.




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