Photo: Galit Kosovsky
Hacker claims he has details of a million citizens
Photo: Galit Kosovsky
Is '0xOmar' really Omar Habib?

'0xOmar': You won't find me

Saudi hacker tells Ynet report revealing his identity is wrong, says: If a stupid student thinks he can find me in eight hours, what will Mossad do?

Hours after an Israeli student claimed to have uncovered the identity of the hacker who leaked the personal details of tens of  thousands of Israelis, '0xOmar' tells Ynet in an email exchange that they got the wrong person, adding that "No one is going to arrest me, it's not possible."


The hacker ridiculed the claim that his identity was revealed, saying: "If a stupid student thinks he can find me (within) 8 hours of work, what will Mossad do? But I'm still here and no one can find me, make sure, no worries, I'm waiting.


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"I'll send more files and more emails, how much time Mossad or interpol needs to find me?" he asked mockingly, adding that he was from Riyadh, not Mexico.


Omar insisted that it was a wrong identification, claiming that "it's impossible to track me via email or facebook or anything like that. I'm an advanced hacker who knows everything about (the) internet, I know very well (how) to hide myself."


Omar stated that his next targets include military contractors and Israeli SCADA systems (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition).


The hacker, who blamed Israel before of committing genocide, wrote: "Israel attacks and kills innocent Palestinian people, they (commit) genocide, they even break legal international rules, all the world (has a) problem with Israel, which has been created by purchasing lands and houses.


"I want to harm Israel financially and socially (by creating long queues and crisis and panic)."


Asked whether he regreted harming Israeli-Arabs, Omar replied: "Arabs should not live in Israel, Arabs have their own country, it's Palestine, Israel is also part of Palestine which is occupied, they should help to get it back. Hurting a person who occupied innocent people's land and hurts innocent people is not (a) bad thing, it's payback."






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