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Italy: Teacher threatens to commit massacre in synagogue

Media outlets report that high school teacher from Torino posted picture of Mussolini, Hitler on Facebook, wrote: 'If you dare remove picture, I will go to a synagogue and shoot some parasite Jews'

Italian media outlets reported over the weekend that a teacher from the northern city of Torino has posted a message on his Facebook page threatening to commit a massacre in a local synagogue.


According to reports, Renato Pallavidini, 55, who was convicted of Holocaust denial four years ago, is registered as a high school teacher in Torino, but has been on a sick leave recently.


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In the end of December, the high school teacher posted on Facebook a picture of Mussolini shaking the hand of Hitler, and wrote a message saying: "Take a look, you dirty bastard Jews who control us from the land of shit and homosexuals called California. If you remove this picture, I will go to the synagogue next to my house, with my pistol, and gun down some parasite Jews."


הדיווח על פלבידיני. בביתו נערך חיפוש

'My attitude changed' Pallavidini interviewed by La Republica


The page was promptly removed, and Italian authorities have turned to the social network in an effort to retrieve the original statement as part of the investigation.


In an interview with La Republica, Pallavidini tried to defend his actions, saying: "Why do I need to explain what I write on Facebook? Since the Jewish communities attacked me, my attitude toward them has changed."


Later, the Italian news agency reported that Pallavidini was summoned for questioning and his house had been searched by police. In addition, the principle of the school where Pallavidini teaches announced that he will no longer be employed at the institution.





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