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Saudi hacker strikes again

Hacker indentifying himself as '0xOmar' leaks details of 200 more Israeli credit cards; urges fellow Arab hackers to 'destroy Israel'

The Saudi hacker identifying himself as "0xOmar" threatened Wednesday to publish "200 credit cards of Israeli people" every day and called the Israeli hackers "poor stupid assholes." The hacker followed through on his threat, already publishing details of 200 Israeli credit cards online.


According to the hacker, the Israeli hackers "killed theirself, they did their best and published 200 not working expired wrong name without CVV cards, that's nothing I'll publish daily 200 with all details 100% working cards."


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"Don't force me to publish more per day," he threatened.


0xOmar mocked recent attempts to locate him, saying: "I saw some stupids said, they've found me, one in Mexico, one in Riyadh, one in Dubai."


"So don't waste your time," he said in a message to the Mossad. "Stop telling my bots location to media and infecting media with false details."


אתר  pastebin בו מעלה ההאקר את הרשימות. הוא גם ממחזר


Website in which hacker uploads details


According to the hacker, he has been using a sophisticated method to hide his identity, which leads anyone who tries to track him on a global goose chase. "I use a really complicated hand-made method for hiding myself, so if you reach to Dubai, Mexico, Riyadh, Minsk, Helsinki, New York, Tel-Aviv, Haifa, Tokyo, Moscow, etc," he wrote.


The Saudi hacker called Arab hackers of the world to unite. "My other message is to Gazza hackers who have hacked stupid Dany Ayalon's website and put a foot on his face and sent me a message."


'Come together'

"From here, I invite all hackers of world from Islamic world to come together, it's not matter what you think, I invite all Muslim hackers to unite against Israel, the big enemy of all Muslims. I invite all Arab-Muslim Hackers to unite against Israel and join this war."


כרטיסי אשראי. רבים בוטלו עם החשיפה הראשונה (צילום: גלית קוסובסקי)

200 more credit cards leaked (Photo: Hagit Kosovsky)


He went on to mention the Gaza flotilla of 2010, saying: "Do you remember Gaza flotilla raid? Do not stay silent as you didn't stay before, let's do something in return. Let's fight for ourselves, for what we believe."


He asked that Muslim hackers focus on "Israeli military, intelligence and their contractors to extract sensitive and hidden information and publish them in internet. It could be even Israeli people data like what I did to credit cards." OxOmar also recommend that they hack Israeli important sites and publish messages on them.


The Saudi hacker concluded by saying: "I shout to Israeli authorities and people, you are not safe from me and Muslim hackers. We'll fight all of our live against Israel, we'll harm you in any way we can… let's destroy Israel and have a free Palestine without enemies."




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