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Women get bigger elevator (illustration)
Photo: Visual/Photos
New in Modiin Illit: Segregated elevators
Signs posted by extreme haredi elements in city's commercial center urge men to use new lift, while women directed to old one
The exclusion of women is taking on a new form in the ultra-Orthodox city of Modiin Illit: Extreme haredi elements posted signs in one of the city's business centers last week, calling on men and women to use separate elevators.


Passersby who saw the stickers rushed to remove them, but they reappeared on the elevators several hours later.


According to one of the signs, a new elevator inaugurated in the center should be used by men, while women should take the older one. It should be noted, however, that the "women's elevator" is bigger than the men's.


The elevator segregation initiators stressed that the new arrangement was being carried out with local residents' consent.



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