Students prepare protest signs at Yavne school
Photo: Amram Cohen

High school seniors want military service equality

Dozens of activists, students demonstrate outside Prime Minister's Office calling for end to Tal Law; launch programs to increase awareness

The protest against the extension of the Tal Law has gone to the next level: Dozens of high school students have launched educational activities on the issue in high schools across the country.


The programs follow the erecting and subsequent closure of a protest encampment against the Tal Law which exempts yeshiva students from IDF service. Protestors left the encampment and headed to Jerusalem to promote their campaign in outside the Knesset.


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Dozens of activists from various organizations including The Israeli Forum for Equal Service, demonstrated outside the Prime Minister's Office holding signs that read "Cancel the Tal Law," and "Tal Law discriminates blood from blood." Some even called out: "Bibi, Bibi, good morning, the ass is tired of carrying the weight."


מפגינים בתיכון בליך ברמת גן (צילום: לי עמרם-אילת)

Demonstration at Ramat Gan high school (Photo: Lee Amram-Eilat)


The education program initiative was launched on Facebook, and at first the protest initiators called on their friends to go on strike at school for two hours.


Ultimately the protest was carried out through educational activities and by increasing teen awareness of the law's particulars. Some of the students came to school carrying signs that read: "Equal service for all," and "Equal share of the burden."


Yotam Damati from Yavne said: "We gathered with the teachers in the school yard in order to discuss the law and its consequences on Israeli society. We have nothing against the haredi minority, but we are against discrimination in military service. We demand equal service for all, without distinction of religion and social sector."


Yet in spite of the agreements reached between the school principals and the students, there are still students calling for a strike. Ran Horesh, a high school senior from Emek Hefer said: "I call on all seniors to go on strike today in protest over the Tal Law." The seniors have stated that the strike will go ahead in at least 10 schools throughout the country.


Tomer Velmer contributed to the report




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