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Assad inspires fistfight on live TV
Lebanese supporter of Assad's regime physically assaults Syrian opposition activist on Al-Jazeera TV show; 'He screamed – I want to kill you'
Viewers got a little more than they bargained for on Tuesday when Lebanese political analyst Joseph Abu Fadel, a supporter of Bashar Assad's regime, physically assaulted Syrian opposition activist Muhieddine Ladkani live on Al-Jazeera TV. The show's presenter tried to separate the two failed and the network cut to a commercial break.


Things heated up when Ladkani reminded Abu Fadel that after the Lebanon War, residents from Beirut's southern surburbs held up signs thanking Qatar and pictures of the Qatari Emir. He claimed that Fadel himself was witnessed holding such signs.


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Abu Fadel was angered by Ladkani's claims and started to verbally abuse hi opponent shouting at him to "shut up."


Watch as Abu Fadel, Ladkani brawl on al-Jazeera


Abu Fadel then made his way around the table to where Ladkani was standing and on live television he started to beat up Ladkani. This prompted the host, to try and intervene, unsuccessfully.


On Wednesday Muhieddine Ladkani gave an interview to rival channel al-Arabiya and claimed that the Lebanese analyst threatened to murder him. "He screamed – I want to kill you," Ladkani said.


He also shared what happened behind the scenes after the broadcast was halted: "Abu Fadel continued to curse and attack me in the studio. The presenter tried to separate us, but failed. Later a Qatari cameraman managed to pull us apart but the poor man choked and fell to the floor." There was no response from Abu Fadel.




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