Financial worry on the streets of Iran
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'Psychological war.' Ahmadinejad
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Poll: 2/3 of Iranians fear sanctions

Gallup poll shows growing financial concerns among Iranian people. Some 48% say they were short on money for food during past year, compared with only 15% in 2005

While the world continues to mount pressure on Iran over its nuclear program, most of the Islamic Republic's residents are already starting to feel the effects of the economic sanctions.


A new Gallup poll published on Tuesday reveals that some two thirds of Iranians believe the latest round of sanctions issued by the United Nations, the European Union and the United States will have a detrimental effect on their daily lives.


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Asked whether they think the sanctions will hurt the livelihood of Iranians "a great deal, somewhat or not at all," 27% of respondents answered "a great deal," while 38% responded "somewhat" and 25% said "not at all." Another 9% of respondents refused to answer the question or said they did not know.


Some 48% of Iranians said that during the past year there were instances when they were short on money to buy food for their families. In contrast, a similar poll conducted in 2005 showed only 15% of respondents suffered from financial problems that prevented them from purchasing foodstuff.


משלמים את המחיר על תוכנית הגרעין השנויה במחלוקת. איראניות בטהרן (צילום: AP) 

Feeling the effects of the sanctions in Tehran (Photo: AP)


במערב מתקשים לפצח את הגרעין האיראני. דוכן פיסטוקים בטהרן (צילום: AP)

Almost half of Iranians were short on money for food (Photo: AP)


חיי היום יום נפגעו בעקבות הסנקציות. דוכן לממכר כיסוי ראש בטהרן (צילום: AP)

Everyday life hurt due to sanctions? (Photo: AP)


אין כסף לקנות אוכל. שוק הזהב והתכשיטים בטהרן (צילום: AP)

Window shopping in Tehran (Photo: AP)


In addition, 40% of respondents said they did not have enough money during the past year to provide their families with proper housing, compared with only 29% that said the same in 2005.


Meanwhile, Iran's foreign ministry has dismissed the new US sanctions on Tehran, saying they are part of a "psychological war" meant to sow discontent among Iranians.


Ramin Mehmanparast, the foreign ministry spokesman, says Iran's central bank has no financial transactions with the United States and would not be affected by the measures.


The US ordered the new penalties on Monday, giving US banks additional powers to freeze assets linked to the Iranian government and close loopholes that officials say Iran has used to move money despite earlier restrictions imposed by the US and Europe.





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