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Iran's UN envoy: I don't think Israel will attack

Khazaee tells NPR Israel can be considered 'regional cancer' due to its 'nuclear program and killing of Palestinians'

WASHINGTON – "We hear some voices from the Israeli regime about attacking Iran, but I don't think that is going to happen, because first of all, Iran is (strong enough) to defend itself," said Tehran's ambassador to the United Nations.


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Speaking to National Public Radio's "Morning Edition" on Thursday, Mohammed Khazaee said, "The consequence (of an attack on Iran's nuclear facilities) would be devastating for them (Israel) and maybe for whoever helped them. So I do not believe that such a thing is going to happen.


"Our strategy is not to initiate any strike against anybody. But if, God forbidden, someone wants to try any strike against Iran or Iranian nuclear facility or Iranian national interests and security, of course, (Iran) - like any other nation - will have the right to defend (itself)," he told NPR.


The ambassador denied any link between Israel's threats and Tehran's willingness to conduct negotiations over its nuclear program with the five permanent members of the Security Council and Germany.


In response to NPR's question regarding a speech delivered by Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, in which he referred to Israel as a cancerous tumor, Khazaee said, "Just to refresh the memory of your audiences, I believe that if they listened to the Israeli authorities, you will find out that almost every day they threat Iran for attacking Iran, bombing Iran and doing so. So they're not in a position to talk about a civilized nation like Iran.


"And also, you know, as long as the damage that we receive in the region from the Israelis - either nuclear program or killing people in Palestine and so on - they could be considered a cancer in the region," he said.


The UN envoy added that "war is not something that (Iran is) looking for. And any confrontation between Iran and other countries in the region would be harmful for everybody."



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