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Poisoned poultry? (Illustration)
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Egyptians claim Israeli goods cause disease, infertility

Vaccinations smuggled into Egypt are infecting chickens with viruses, while Israeli denim causes infertility, officials, media say

An Egyptian Health Ministry official said that chemicals smuggled from Israel are infecting his country's poultry with dangerous viruses, Ynet has learned Monday.


Osama Selim, the head of Egypt's veterinary authority, has called on the People's Assembly to press the local poultry growers' association to fight the use of illegally imported vaccinations and blood serum, which he claimed are exposing the poultry to disease and threaten public health. He added that he does not rule out the possibility of a biological war with the Jewish state.


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Dr. Suhair Hassan, a preventive veterinary medicine official, told the assembly's Health Committee on Sunday that a study conducted at some 200 farms found that 75% percent of poultry were treated with Israeli products, which often cause them to contract viral diseases and the bird flu. In some cases the chemicals lowered egg production or caused the animals to die.


But poultry is not the only target of Israeli sabotage, sources in Egypt claim.


"The Truth" panel accuses Israel of  poisoning goods


A television show called "The Truth," broadcast on the Darim channel, launched a media campaign earlier this month aiming to prevent the entrance of Israeli products to Sinai after learning that they "cause cancer and infertility."


Several of the "offending" products featured over the course of the show included chocolate, coffee, biscuits and yoghurt. All of these goods are commonly smuggled through the border crossings.


'Israeli jeans cause infertility'

A member of the Sawarka Bedouin tribe, Muhammad al-Mani'i, who was interviewed on the show, also accused Israel of manufacturing "toxic" jeans that cause infertility. He claimed the Jewish state sells them to Arab countries reduce population growth.


The tribesman said that the denim pants are equipped with belts that contain a magnet, which is the source of their toxic powers.

חצי האי סיני. מסתובב שם "שוקולד אריאל שרון" (צילום: צור שיזף)

Sinai (Photo: Tsur Shezaf) 


Al-Mani'i accused the "Zionist entity" of plotting to spread disease among the Bedouins by distributing its products in Sinai markets.


He said that the residents prefer to buy foreign products because they think they are of better quality than the local ones.


"The residents buy Israeli water because the water we have in Sinai is salty," he said. "They buy the Israeli soap because it foams better than Egyptian soap."


A spokesman for the Sinai Revolutionaries movement, Mohammed Hendy, said on the show that Israeli goods are sold unhindered under the police's eyes.


He called on the Bedouins to boycott the products.


"We must understand that the Zionist entity is the one who killed our sons and robbed us of our territory," he said.


"The Israeli products contain lethal poison," the show's host concluded. "It is possible that you don't feel it now, but you cannot escape feeling it in the future.


"Israel continues to be an enemy that targets Egypt regardless of the agreements between the two countries, because it has its eye on the country."




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