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Left slams 'hallucinatory' West Bank annexation plan

Peace Now, Labor MK and Geneva Initiative all say former Yesha Council director's plan to impose full Israeli sovereignty over 62% of West Bank will lead to binational state. 'It only makes occupation more comfortable,' leftist says

Israel's Left called a new initiative meant to conquer the prolonged stalemate plaguing the Israeli-Palestinian peace process "hallucinatory" and warned that if adopted it may lead to a binational state.


Former Yesha Council Director Naftali Bennett's plan suggests imposing full Israeli sovereignty over Area C in the West Bank, which constitutes 62% of the territory, unilaterally.


Area C is currently under full Israeli security control.


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"Bennett's plan is a failed attempt to cut corners and make the occupation more comfortable," Peace Now Director Yariv Oppenheimer said Thursday. "The initiative is detached from reality; it belongs in the science fiction section of the library."


Oppenheimer added: "To the settlers' regret, there is no alternative to the two-state solution."


Bennett's plan also calls on Israel to naturalize some 50,000 Palestinians from the annexed territory.


The Peace Now director said the plan advances a solution that would "turn Israel into a binational state and bring an end to the Zionist vision. Such a precedent would also cause the rest of the West Bank's Palestinians to demand citizenship.


"Bennett's initiative is immoral and undemocratic. It will only aggravate Israel's situation with regards to the Palestinian issue," according to Oppenheimer.


"Israel must choose between the option of becoming a binational state and the option of separating from the Palestinians on the basis of the two-state paradigm. Bennett's solution, which includes the unilateral annexation of settlements, would deepen the crisis between Israel and the international community and may bury the chance to separate from the Palestinians."


Knesset Member Eitan Cabel (Labor) said, "It appears that people within the Yesha Council have lost touch with reality and are drafting plans that are based on the coming of the messiah. This plan was drafted by people who seek a binational state and not the continued existence of Israel as a Jewish and democratic state."


The Geneva Initiative called Bennett's plan "hallucinatory" and said it was drawn up by "those who are leading Israel towards a binational state."




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