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MK Talab El-Sana
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Arab MKs: Harming al-Aqsa will lead to global jihad

Arab MKs spark fury back in Israel over participation in International Conference for Defense of Jerusalem in Qatar; claims Israel is 'Judaizing Jerusalem.' Website lists them as Palestinian representatives

On the one hand they are members of Israel 's Knesset, on the other hand, they are taking part in the International Conference for Defense of Jerusalem in Qatar as representatives of Palestine.


Right wing Knesset Members on Sunday attacked Arab-Israeli lawmakers for taking part in the International Conference for Defense of Jerusalem, which is being held in Doha. The official website lists the Arab MKs as representatives from Palestine, and one might be mistaken in thinking they are members of the Palestinian parliament.


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MK Miri Regev (Likud) said that the immunity of the Knesset Members taking part in the conference should be removed. "There is no doubt that the Knesset speaker needs to realize that Arab MKs are a fifth column in the Knesset. Trojan horses have no place in the Knesset," she added.


אבו מאזן בכנס בקטאר (צילום: AFP)

Also in Doha - Palestinian President Abbas (Photo: AFP)


"This is not the first time that Arab MKs speak out against the State of Israel. I suggest they be sent out on a VIP plane to serve Hamas and other terrorists." She also called for those MKs to be charged with incitement.


"In light of the conference I intend to hold an urgent Knesset meeting in order to prevent the lawlessness employed by the Arab MKs," Regev added.


Yisrael Beiteinu also criticized the Arab MKs, MK Alex Miller noted: "Yet again we see how matters of State take second place and all their energy is focused against the sovereignty of the State. The absurd situation where MKs work against the State day and night must be nipped in the bud."


MK Talab El-Sana (United Arab List-Ta'al), who is taking part in the conference, explained why he decided to go to Doha: "The Doha conference focuses on the matter of Jerusalem and Israel's policy is to Judaize Jerusalem, carry out a transfer of Palestinians and damage the holy sites - including al-Aqsa," he said.


"The conference is being held under the initiative and sponsorship of the Arab League and we will present Israel's systematic policy, through government associations, to undermine the existence of the al-Aqsa mosque… Al-Aqsa is in danger and it is the responsibility of the Arab nations and Islam to save it before it's too late. Harming the mosque will lead to a war of global Islamic jihad." He also warned against a third Intifada.


MK Ahmad Tibi (United List Ta'al), who is also taking part in the conference, told the Qatari news agency that the Judaization of Jerusalem is a blatant violation of international law.


Tibi added: "Israel is an occupying power in east Jerusalem and withholds the Palestinian people's freedom of religion." Representatives from 70 countries are taking part in the conference, as well as a representative on behalf of the UN secretary general.




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