One-state solution campaign
Photo: Samer Machloof
'One-state solution' campaign promoted in West Bank
Posters reading 'one state for five million Arabs and six million Jews' found across Palestinian cities in wake of stalled peace process

A recently launched campaign in the West Bank calls on Palestinians and Israelis to desert the two-state solution and form one democratic state in its place. This coordinated effort comes in wake of the negotiation freeze between Israel and the Palestinian Authority.


A group by the name of Takamul ("Integration") seems to be the campaign's chief sponsor. Posters calling for "one democratic state for five million Arabs and six million Jews" were hung in Palestinian cities across the West Bank.  


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Despite the campaign's attempt, the posters were quickly removed by Palestinian activists, who opposed the depiction of the Israeli flag on the posters. 


The controversial campaign has lead to a slew of rumors in the Palestinian Authority over who may be responsible for it. In an attempt to pressure Israel, Fatah have tried to add political spin to the campaign, which they hoped would play to their advantage.


Some rumors suggested that Israel was behind it and that certain initiatives calling to annex parts of Judea and Samaria have already been formed.


"It is not clear who exactly is behind this campaign and no specific group has taken responsibility for it. Some say that Palestinian intellectuals and academics are behind it," Samer Machloof, chairman of the "One Voice" movement, who supports the two-state solution, said.


Machloof noted that the Palestinian public was very curious to know whether or not this mysterious group had partners in Israel.


He added that the Palestinian people were slowly loosing their faith in a two-state solution due to the current negotiation freeze, and therefore are looking for an alternative solution which will end the conflict. 


PLO Executive Committee member Hanan Ashrawi addressed the campaign and admitted that there are a growing number of voices calling for a one-state solution.


However, she reiterated the PLO has not changed its position regarding it being  basis for the peace talks. Ashrawi further said that Israel was "destroying" the idea of a two-state solution.


Several months ago, Yasser al-Massari – a self professed coordinator for the group – told a Palestinian radio station that the campaign was formed after several discussions were held in the PA and abroad.


He added that the campaign was brought upon following the groups' belief that the attempts to reach a two-state solution have failed.




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First published: 03.07.12, 00:22
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