Armed for truce?
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Islamic Jihad 'committed to truce'

Military wing spokesman Abu Ahmed boasts that 'rockets from Gaza sent one and a half million people to shelter in fear and panic' but claims latest rocket fire is act of individuals

The rocket fire from Gaza continued on Thursday night but the Palestinians are saying that the truce has been in effect for a few days: Deputy secretary-general of Islamic Jihad, Ziad Nakhleh, discussed the recent bout of rocket fire on Israel and said that his organization was committed to the ceasefire agreement. He noted that the latest rocket fire on Israel was the act of individuals.


On Thursday several rockets were fired at western Negev communities, including Ashdod and Beersheba, leading local councils to announce that schools would remain closed. Another rocket exploded in an open area in the Eshkol Regional Council on Friday morning, but no injuries or damages were reported.


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Nakhleh added: "All sides – Israel, the Palestinians and Egypt – are aware of the complexity of the nature in the field. With open borders, problems in these areas are an expected issue that can be taken care of."


Hamas also noted that "the movement is maintaining the truce, and is enforcing its authority on the matter."


"ייתכן שישראל תאריך את הסבב הבא יותר". אנשי הג'יהאד האיסלאמי (צילום: EPA)

Islamic Jihad operatives (Photo: EPA)


Meanwhile, the Islamic Jihad's military wing spokesman Abu Ahmed addressed the recent Israel Air Force strikes in response to the rocket attacks after the truce and said that the latest Israeli "breaches" were expected and occur after every ceasefire agreement. "We are waiting to get a clearer picture but believe that things in Gaza are heading towards a calm," he said. 


Yet he also expressed pessimism over how long the truce would survive. "Those thinking that Israel will rely on the truce are mistaken. We know its (Israel's) policy and it launches a round of aggression every three months, but the rate of fire and rockets in the last round – may prolong the next round."


He also commented on the video clip from last week showing a multi-barrel rocket launcher in action, claiming the device has been used to fire rocket barrages from the Gaza Strip over the weekend. He said that in addition to the military campaign, a psychological war was also being carried out and that the Israeli home front was fragile.


"The rockets from Gaza sent one and a half million people to the shelter and sewers in fear and panic. That is why the unveiling of the multi-barrel rocket launcher created confusion and gave the resistance extra momentum," which he claims pushed Israel to seek a ceasefire.


PRC Spokesman Abu Mujahid also commented on the preparations for the next round of escalation and said that the Palestinian factions have agreed to establish a joint mechanism for a response to any future "Israeli aggression."


He warned Israel that "the factions would respond harshly to any new foolishness that would hurt the rights of the citizens in the Strip."


Earlier this week Mahmoud al-Zahar, Hamas Politburo's top delegate in Gaza Strip, visited Tehran and said that "the principles and strategy of the Palestinian Islamic resistance will not change.


"The regional Islamic revolutions are all in line with strengthening the Islamic objectives, the upcoming victory of the Palestinian nation, and changing the power balance in the region," he added.




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