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Constructing a fortified space - new innovation cheaper

Israeli company introduces 'instant' fortified space

Thousands of Israelis who are unable to construct fortified space can now breathe easy as locally made innovation promises to secure any room within week

A new Israeli innovation is set to make it possible to turn any room in the house into a fortified space and offer thousands of Israelis who until now, could not build a fortified space within their homes due to technical difficulties, the option of doing so.


The "instant fortified space" was developed by G.G. Defense Systems and offers the chosen room protection through a shell of three steel plates each of which is 6 centimeters (2.3 inches) thick and attached to the walls.


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If a missile were to hit the area near the residence, the steel plates absorb most of the explosion. According to developers, it is possible to install the protection system in no more than seven days and it provides protection for the room's doors and windows too.


On Wednesday, the company in cooperation with the Home Front Command, held a decisive test for the system which was supposed to provide the final seal of approval. At the test site, somewhere in the middle of the desert, a two floor building was constructed and the new innovation was installed.


A large explosion went off in the middle of the day in a bid to simulate a powerful ballistic missile attack near the building. When the smoke cleared, the company's engineers rushed to the scene to examine the walls' durability. They all let out a sigh of relief when they realized – the test was a complete success.


Now the system is in the process of receiving final approval from the Home front Command.


"The system was developed as an alternative to constructing special fortified spaces in residences," said David Moes, one of the owners of G.G Systems. "The idea was born out of the realization that the majority of residences in Israel don't have fortified spaces at the moment and that it isn't possible to build the fortified spaces on top of each other when adding them to buildings."


Moes emphasized the system's short installment time and said that it could also prevent the penetration of unconventional substances.


The new invention is also expected to be more economical than the current fortified space solution. The owners stated that installing the system would be cheaper than the fortified spaces which cost anywhere between NIS 80,000 and 90,000 ($21,000-$24,000).




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