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Iran's new centrifuges

Obama on Iran: Time for diplomatic resolution is short

In Seoul, US president says Islamic Republic taking the path of deceit and deception, causing its own isolation; stresses there is still time for diplomacy, urges Tehran to act with seriousness

US President Barack Obama on Sunday warned Iran that the time to resolving problems with its nuclear program is short. Speaking at the Hankuk University in Seoul, Obama stressed that "Iran's leaders must understand that there is no escaping the choice before it."


The US president explained that under the NPT, Iran has the right to peaceful nuclear energy. "In fact, time and again the international community - including the United States - has offered to help Iran develop nuclear energy peacefully. But time and again Iran has refused, taking instead the path of denial, deceit and deception," he said.


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"That is why Iran stands alone - as the only member of the NPT unable to convince the international community that its nuclear program is for peaceful purposes. That is why the world has imposed unprecedented sanctions, slowing Iran’s nuclear program. "


לא יכולים להימנע מהחלטה. אחמדינג'ד בכור בטהרן (צילום: EPA)

Ahmadinejad tours nuclear reactor (Photo: EPA)


Obama stressed that the international community is poised to enter talks with Iran's leaders. "There is the possibility of a diplomatic resolution that gives Iran access to peaceful nuclear energy while addressing the concerns of the international community. Today, I’ll meet with the leaders of Russia and China as we work to achieve a resolution in which Iran fulfills its obligations, " he said.


The international nuclear summit being held in Seoul is perhaps the Islamic Republic's last chance to reach a diplomatic solution. "Iran must act with the seriousness and sense of urgency that this moment demands," Obama said.


"For in the global response to Iran and North Korea’s intransigence, a new international norm is emerging. Treaties are binding. Rules will be enforced. And violations will have consequences. Because we refuse to consign ourselves to a future where more and more regimes possess the world’s most deadly weapons."




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