No beef fillers in Israel
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McDonalds said they will stop using the slime
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'Pink slime' not used in kosher McDonald's restaurants

Unlike most US branches, kosher McDonalds in Israel use 100% pure kosher meat with no additives such as beef filler ingredient

“Where’s The Beef?!” Well, unfortunately for many, it’s in there somewhere, combined with a pink slime at North American McDonalds.


Pink slime, that taffyesque looking McDonalds additive that looks far too much like Silly Putty that got the internet in an uproar recently, is not added to burgers sold in Israel.


The slime, for a lack of an actual term, is a beef filler ingredient made of beef “parts” which are passed through a centrifuge and converted into what you see below. What got people in a further outrage, aside from realizing that their beef hamburgers don’t look quite so beefy before they arrive at the store, is that the slime was also being treated with ammonium hydroxide, more commonly known as ammonia, which is an ingredient used in numerous household cleaning agents.


While McDonalds has announced that they will stop using the slime in their beef patties, those living in Israel who have eaten at kosher McDonald’s can digest in peace, knowing that their burgers have never been combined with this toxin.


The kosher McDonalds in Israel actually use 100% pure kosher meat with no additives and have never used the pink slime since it is made of meat scraps, and using these meat scraps is against the cleanliness practiced by kosher and Halal certification.


Israeli McDonalds were never allowed to use it. This is another example of how eating kosher is, in many ways, healthier. This is further evidence that kosher and halal certification is for the greater health. One just wonders why McDonalds can't keep the same health regulations for all their restaurants.


Reprinted with permission from Shalom Life



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