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Iran presents battlefield contingencies

Regime-affiliated website details Tehran's plans of defense in case West decides to mount ground offensive against nuclear facilities; says Iran can 'crush enemy'

The possibility of a strike against Iran's nuclear facilities may evoke images of an air strike, but the Islamic Republic is gearing to counter every scenario and according to Al-Mashreq website, Tehran has prepared a detailed plan of the defense in case of a ground offensive by the West.


The website, which is affiliated with top defense circles, detailed the plan sans Iran's previous threats against Israeli or American internets in the Persian Gulf.


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The report notes Iran's ability to use upgraded landmines, which can be use as as both anti-personnel landmines and anti-vehicle ones; T-72 tanks, which can be camouflaged and maintain the element of surprise, and special laser cannons with a 4km range.


According to the report, Western ground troops would also encounter armored personnel carrier armed with Iranian anti-tank missiles and equipped with camouflaging system meant to protect them from enemy missiles.


משמרות המהפכה על אופנועים במהלך אימון (צילום: איי אף פי)

Revolutionary Guards drill (Photo: AFP)


Backing them up will be the Iranian military's motorcycle unit – scores of motorcyclists armed with automatic weapons, shoulder-fired missiles and RPGs.


The Iranians boast that these troops' specialty is to lie in wait and surprise the enemy with a crushing blow.


In case of battle, Iran's ground troops will also be assisted by cobra helicopters and Soviet-made planes, which can transport up to 30 soldiers.


Ground troops will also be equipped with SA-6 surface-to-air missiles, which can hit targets in an altitude of up to 14km.


The website stressed that despite showcasing most of these abilities during Iran's last war games, Tehran still has "many other capabilities that would surprise and crush the enemy."


Iran has often warned that any strike against it will meet an "unparalleled response."



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