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Arab population to grow by 82%?
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CBS predicts Arab-haredi majority in 2059

Haredim, Arabs will outnumber Jewish secular population in 47 years, Central Bureau of Statistics predicts

A Central Bureau of Statistics forecast predicts that haredim and Arabs will outnumber the secular population in Israel in 47 years. Israel's population is slated to grow to 15.6 million.


The CBS predicted that 2019 will see 5.84 million non-haredi Jews living in Israel, compared with 5.27 million in 2009. The number is expected to grow to anywhere between 6.09 million and 9.95 million by 2059. This marks a 16%-89% increase compared with today's figures.


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According to the CBS forecast, the ultra-Orthodox population will number 1.1 million people by 2019, compared with 750,000 in 2009. By 2059, there will be anywhere etween 2.73 million and 5.84 million haredim – a 264%-686% increase.


It is therefore possible that there will be an equal number of non-haredi Jews and haredim in 2059.


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The CBS also checked the expected growth of the Arab Israeli population. While in 2009, there were 1.54 million Arabs living in Israel, in 2019 they are expected to grow to 1.85 million-1.96 million. By 2059, there may be as many as 2.8 million to 4.54 million Arabs in Israel, signifying a 82%-196% increase.


The population growth is expected to significantly increase Israel's population density. Israel is also expected to witness an increase in the 65 and above age group, which will make up 12% of the population in 2019. In 2059, people above the age of 65 are expected to make up 14%-21% of Israelis.


The CBS forecast also predicts a rise in Israelis' life expectancy. Israeli men's life expectancy will stand at 88.7 in 2059, and women's – 94.9.




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