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IDF mulls service mitigations for artists

Special military committee to explore various mitigations that will allow singers, actors to complete regular IDF service. IUPA head: Mitigations will end artists' draft dodging

The IDF is reviewing affording artists various service mitigations as a way to avert cases where young actors, singers and models opt to defer or dodge their draft so not to hurt their careers.


To that effect, the military has tasked Colonel Gil Ben-Shaul, who commands the IDF's induction base, to head a committee which will explore ways to allow artists to incorporate their career obligations with military demands.


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The committee is made up of various IDF officers, joined by Yaakov Mendel, director of the Israeli Union of Performing Arts (IUPA). The panel is set to meet once every three months.


The IDF Spokesman Unit confirmed that a committee has been formed: "The IDF offers various service mitigations to soldiers who excel in various arenas, such as sports and music. The current debate is over other sectors, such as actors and singers."


Military sources told Ynet that the goal is to "copy" the service model used in cases of athletes and musicians, which – for the most part – allows for much more flexible hours in favor of training.


"The discussions as to the nature of the mitigations is in its very initial stages, but they do indicate a change," a military source said, stressing that "The IDF is constantly revising its protocols according to the changing times and practical needs. This area is no different."


IUPA director Yaakov Mendel said: "This is an absolute first and I'm thrilled. I've been telling military authorities for years that artists' draft dodging is their fault. I welcome the IDF's willingness to review the situation and make the necessary change. This is a great accomplishment."


The IUPA, he added, "Believes everyone should serve in the military and take part in the national effort. For this reason we believe that the new understandings will help end cases where artists don’t serve in the IDF."



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