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Passover greeting from Obama: 'US Jews help make union more perfect'

In video message, US president says that during seder Jews 'will renew their faith that liberty will prevail over tyranny.' Adds: Looking forward to good bowl of matzo ball soup

WASHINGTON - Starting Friday night, the Jewish community in the United States, Israel, and throughout the world will come together to celebrate the holiday of Passover. President and Mrs. Obama will join them, continuing their tradition of hosting a small seder at the White House.


This year, the president added a new touch - a video message to Jews everywhere wishing them a happy holiday.



"The story of the Exodus is thousands of years old, but it remains as relevant as ever. Throughout our history, there are those who have targeted the Jewish people for harm – a fact we were so painfully reminded of just a few weeks ago in Toulouse. Just as throughout history, there have been those who have sought to oppress others because of their faith, ethnicity or color of their skin," Obama said in the message.


"But tomorrow night, Jews around the world will renew their faith that liberty will ultimately prevail over tyranny."


The president continued to say that "throughout the years, the search for answers has deepened the Jewish people’s commitment to repairing the world, and inspired American Jews to help make our union more perfect. And the story of that first Exodus has also inspired those who are not Jewish with common hopes, and a common sense of obligation.


"So this is a very special tradition – and it’s one I’m proud to be taking part of tomorrow night, at the fourth annual White House seder. Led by Jewish members of my staff, we’ll retell the story of the Exodus, listen to our youngest guest ask the four questions, and of course, look forward to a good bowl of matzo ball soup," the US president added.



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