Scene from '33 Days'

Coming to a theater near you: The 2nd Lebanon War

Following its success in Iran, and just ahead Egypt, Turkey premier, '33 Days,' a film about Second Lebanon War debuts in Lebanon

A new movie which is set to hit the big screens in Lebanon next Thursday will give viewers a glimpse at how the Lebanese viewed the Second Lebanon War.


The creators of "33 Days" – the number of days of the Second Lebanon War – claim that it is the largest cinematic production to ever have been made in the country. The movie focuses on the grueling battle of Ayta ash-Sha'b.


The official movie trailer


The trailer for the movie states: "After the Lebanese resistance (Hezbollah) has carried out a successful operation and brought back Lebanese prisoners held by Israel, the Israeli army is trying to enter Aita al-Shaab, led by Colonel Avi (Pierre Dagher), he carries painful memories with the people of Aita – present since before the Israeli army's withdrawal in 2000."


The clip, distributed in a bid to promote the movie, features actors portraying IDF soldiers and senior Israeli officials – all speaking flawed Hebrew. The movie also tells the tale of two residents of Ayta ash-Sha'b.


One is expecting his first child with his wife, while the other marries his fiancée on the day the war breaks out. The two enlist in Hezbollah's war effort and lead the fighting in order to prevent the conquest of the town.


It is no surprise that Israel is portrayed in an extremely negative light in the movie, while Hezbollah is presented in a heroic light.


"הפלישה לעייתא א-שעב". מתוך הסרט 

A scene from the movie


A closer look at the team behind the feature film reveals that Iran, Hezbollah's patron has left its stamp on the movie. Iranian director and producer Jamal Shourjeh is on the film's production team.


The movie has already become a major success and it was reported that it made over $14,000 in the first 10 days of its release. These days it is being shown in 13 theaters across Iran and will soon be shown in Egypt and Turkey.


The movie was filmed over 90 days in the town of Borj Rahal in Tyre and the town of Ansariya in Sidon, both in southern Lebanon. The Lebanese army allotted 30 military vehicles for the scenes showing the IDF "invading" the town of Ayta ash-Sha'b. Over 2,000 extras took part in the film.


The movie's official website wrote that one of the leading roles was supposed to be filled by Egyptian actress Hanan Tork but Egyptian authorities forbade her from doing so. The movie won the best movie award at the Baghdad film festival.



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