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Composer to Israel: We love you, don't bomb Iran

German pianist Moritz Eggert wasn't a fan of Guenter Grass' poem against Israel, but didn't like the scathing responses either. In a YouTube video he sings: 'Israel, I love you, but don't attack Iran'

Artistic interpretation to anti-Israel poem – Moritz Eggert, a 47-year-old German pianist and composer, posted on YouTube a song that he wrote in response to the controversial poem authored by Nobel literature laureate Guenter Grass, in which he says: "I love you Israel, but don’t attack Iran."


The poem, which won Grass the status of a persona-non-grata in Israel, received an outpouring of responses inside Germany, some claiming that the author was targeted because of his Nazi past.


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In an interview with New York Times, Eggert said that "Every time you speak out and say something that isn’t super politically correct, there is a 99 percent chance that you are regarded as right wing.”


According to the Munich-based poet, while he did not like Grass' poem, "It’s embarrassing the way the intellectuals try to paint him in the worst light possible.”


Watch Eggert perform his song


Grass also received a show of support on Facebook, with the launching of a new page called “Support Günter Grass — What Must Be Said."


"We say no to a war of aggression against Iran,” says the page, which already received 3,500 "likes."


Earlier this week, Interior Minister Eli Yishai declared Grass a persona non grata in Israel. "Grass' poems fan the flames of hatred against Israel and the Israeli people. His distorted poems are not welcome in Israel and might receive a following in Iran," he said.


The decision drew criticism in Germany, the health minister calling it an "exaggerated response."


"I cannot imagine that Mr. Grass has any interest in showing up in Israel after the explicit criticism he has faced in Germany," Bahr told Berlin's daily Die Welt on Monday.






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